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It is without a basis (because it contemplates t h door t o freedom which is emptiness), 7. without sign (because no sign is apprehended), 8. without wishes for the future (because none ar apprehended); 9. (this skill is) the (specific) token (of irreversibility 10. (and) it is unlimited (in its objective range, becaus it ranges over everything). t i [ r. I i ' V. THE FULL UNDERSTANDING AT ITS SUMMIT V, 1. Its characzeristic. v. 1. The characteristics of the Yoga which has rcacl~edthe Summits, (and which corresponds to the degree of Heat), are considered in twelve ways, beginning with the fact that one looks upon all dharmas, even in a dream, as like a dream.

His forehead is unwrinkled, (and) 72. broad; 73. his head is large; 74. the hair of his head is (as dark) as a black bee, 75. thick, 76. smooth, 77. not shaggy, 78. not rough, 79. with a fragrant smell which captivates the hearts of men; 80. (he has) the Srivatsa sign and the Svastika (on the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet). VIII 3. P 531 a 1. VIII, 4. The Transformation-Body. (v. 33). ) he effects without interruption his various benefits to the world (of living beings) until the end of (samsaric) becoming.

The s t a ~ ~ i l i rplace ~ g (in view of the fact that enlpno standing EDWARD CONZE , f Abhisamnyiilabkiira 5. (all inclinations towards) settling down (in existents 7. the absence of striving (for enlightenment which and i n non-existents) (which are replaced by the refusal to settle dawn anywhere), 6. the concept of dhannas as (real) entities ( should be given up), 7. attachment (which is unsuitable with reg the cognition of true reality), 8. (the differences between) the antidotes (which a not i n keeping with the identity of their developmen everywhere), 9.

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