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By John E. Mack

John E. Mack, M.D.
"Fascinating, suggestive, or even inspiring."
--The long island instances publication Review
"A TRANSCENDENT, LANDMARK WORK...An terribly wealthy and unusual mind-expanding book.--Boston Herald
When revered Harvard psychiatrist John E. Mack, M.D., first released those amazing result of 4 years of in depth study and research into alien abduction, he unleashed a firestorm of controversy. Now, during this paperback variation, Mack solutions his critics, either believers and skeptics. Mack specializes in 13 traditional american citizens (from approximately 100 case reviews) who inform dramatic, inspiring, and remarkably related tales: repeated visits from large-eyed beings, mysterious machines, telepathy, invasive scientific methods, hours lacking from their lives, and startling messages in regards to the future....
"Provocative...This booklet is a problem to any reader. It increases questions on how we are living on the planet and with one another that the Western brain and tradition will be unable to disregard for an excessive amount of longer. It additionally increases questions about the character of truth; of time, area, strength and the real nature of humanness. It opens the door to a truly critical redefinition of lifestyles as we all know it."
--Los Angeles instances publication Review
"Strange and disturbing...Something is powering this rash of abduction claims, making it well worth the type of severe research Mack provides here.--San Francisco Chronicle
"A groundbreaking study...Credible and thought-provoking."
--Publishers Weekly

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Conversely, abductees may weep with sadness when they experience having to leave their cosmic home, return to Earth and become embodied once again. 4. "Past lives" are experienced during the sessions with strong emotion appropriate to what material is emerging. This is most likely to occur when the investigator picks up on cues in the sessions during which encounters from infancy are being re­ experienced. Complaints or simply observations of being here on Earth "again," of being "back" or having "returrted/' are voiced (about which I then inquire).

The abductees may feel as if the contents of their minds have been totally known, even, in a sense, taken over. Skin and hair, and other samples from inside the body, are taken with the use of various instruments that the abductees can sometimes describe in great detail. Instruments are used to penetrate virtually every part of the abductees' bodies, including the nose, sinuses, eyes, ears, and other parts of the head, arms , legs, feet, abdomen, genitalia, and, more rarely, the chest. Extensive surgical-like procedures done in­ side the head have been described, which abductees feel may alter 24 ABD UCTI O N their nervous systems.

2. The absence of psychiatric illness or other apparent psycholog­ ical or emotional factors that could account for what is being reported. 3. The physical changes and lesions affecting the bodies of the experiencers, which follow no evident psychodynamic pattern. 4. The association with UFOs witnessed independently by others while abductions are taking place (which the abductee may not see). ' ALIEN ABDUCTIONS: AN OVERVI EW 29 5. The reports of abductions by children as young as two or three years of age (see Colin in chapter 6).

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