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By Jack R. Hart

Mystified over lost modifiers? In a trance from intransitive verbs? Paralyzed from utilizing the passive voice? to assist writers, from newbies to pros, mythical writing trainer Jack Hart provides a finished, functional, step by step method of the writing method. He stocks his innovations for composing and maintaining strong writing and demonstrates easy methods to triumph over the most typical stumbling blocks reminiscent of procrastination, writer’s block, and over the top sharpening. With instructive examples and excerpts from notable writing to supply suggestion, A Writer’s Coach is a boon to writers, editors, academics, and students.

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Because you took the time to launch the process well and invested the necessary energy in the earlier phases, you'll have a richer, more insightful view of your subject than you ever expected. Process is a way of getting from here to there, but it almost always also leads you on a route of discovery. That produces the kind of writing that's especially rewarding for both you and your readers. I. INFORMATION GATHERING You can't apply good writing after the fact, like some kind of lacquer. The reporting has to be there.

By tracking everything with sophisticated computer networks, you maintain an even flow of necessary supplies through the entire process. No expensive stockpiling of raw materials. No costly warehousing of finished products. No wasted time, energy, or money. The same strategy pays off for writers, too. Starting with a firm hypothesis and refining your focus as you go allows you to keep things moving smoothly. You concentrate on important sources and ignore the irrelevant ones. You avoid the downtime that comes from failing to carry out your research efficiently.

If I've taken a break in the writing, it's the first thing I see when I return and boot up the computer again. So it helps keep me headed in the right direction. When I'm finished with the draft, I erase the theme statement. Pod! It's gone. It was nothing! ever had to worry about another human being seeing and criticizing. That made it easy to write . . and easy to discard. That should be true in midcourse, as well as at the destination. On occasion, the writing reveals that my initial theme statement missed the mark.

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