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By Alice A. Bailey

The technological know-how of esoteric astrology is related to be the fundamental occult technology for the longer term. it is going to come into its personal because the esoteric or soul elements start to supersede the exoteric concentration of the majority of specialist and novice astrologers this day.

This is the technology which offers with these conditioning and governing energies and forces which play via and upon the full box of area and all that's came across inside that box. the traditional knowledge teaches that "Space is an entity". it's with the lifetime of this entity and with the forces and energies, the impulses and the rhythms, the cycles and the days and seasons, that esoteric astrology bargains.

Esoteric astrology should be utilized through the expert employee in a number of methods; in drugs, psychology, technology, schooling; to an assessment of human difficulties, of the future of countries, of an accurate interpretation of worldwide affairs, etc. it will be significant, in spite of the fact that, that at this degree the appliance of esoteric astrology to human lifestyles will be acknowledged as experimental and tentative, in order that every one person employee can modify his considering and his equipment based on his personal wrought-out event. as with every different features of occultism and esotericism, accuracy and facility to paintings count fullyyt on a cognizance evolving uncontrolled by means of the character into the lifetime of the soul, out of separateness and self-centredness right into a realisation of harmony, and absorption right into a centre of team realization.

Astrology is defined during this e-book as "the technological know-how of relationships"--the courting present among all residing organisms in the universe. not just the traits of the ray energies have an effect on those centres of attention, but additionally the standard and effort of the ruling planets and the zodiacal symptoms. obvious from the exoteric outdoors, astrology is an unlimited and such a lot concerned and complicated topic. From the esoteric inside of, whereas it's nonetheless large, all-inclusive and intricate, it's also attainable to understand the thread which unites and the development which prevails in the course of the entire approach. A simple simplicity within the grand layout emerges, consequently, which could serve to interpret the complete.

The major bankruptcy headings to this booklet give you the series in constructing examine: (1) The Zodiac and the Rays (2) the character of Esoteric Astrology (3) The technology of Triangles (4) The Sacred and Non-Sacred Planets (5) 3 significant Constellations (6) the 3 Crosses (7) The Rays, Constellations and Planets. ln addition there's an appendix which summarises and tabulates some of the elements of primary significance to the research of esoteric astrology.

This is a booklet for the genuine occult pupil. it may possibly seem to be too hugely specialized for a few; yet each esoteric employee unearths finally that his paintings calls for an knowing of the elemental astrological elements which have an effect on all relationships and all varieties of lifestyles in the ethers of house, in order that he might how one can cooperate intelligently within the evolution of the entire by way of the proper adjustment of the half inside that complete; till "the many are absorbed into the One".

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2. Three Hierarchies are - in this greater cycle - of profound significance, the fourth or human Creative Hierarchy and the two deva Hierarchies, the fifth and the sixth. 3. The fourth Creative Hierarchy is in reality the ninth and that is why it is called the Hierarchy of Initiates. This can be seen by referring to the chart. 4. We are told in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire that in the ninth, tenth and eleventh Hierarchies (counting from the bottom upwards) lies the clue to the nature of Agni, the Lord of Fire, the sumtotal of systemic vitality.

These Hierarchies are all interrelated and are negative or positive to each other, as the case may be. As is stated in The Secret Doctrine, Vol. I, 238, this Hierarchy is the nursery for the incarnating Jivas; and it carried in it the germs of the Lives which achieved the human stage in another solar system, but were not able to proceed beyond that owing to the coming in of pralaya, which projected them into a state of latency. The condition of the Hierarchy is similar, only on a cosmic scale, to the condition of the seeds of human life held in a state of obscuration during an interchain period.

B. The heart center of the planetary Logos, situated on the fourth cosmic etheric plane (our buddhic plane). c. " d. The heart center of a man on the etheric plane of the physical plane, which is in its turn a correspondence to the physical Sun. Thus the tiny atom is linked with the great central Life of the solar system. This fifth Hierarchy is equally, under the law, a distributor of energy to the fifth subplane of each plane in the system, only it must be borne in mind that, in the three worlds, it is the fifth subplane counting from above downwards, whilst in the worlds of superhuman evolution, it is [48] the fifth counting from below upwards.

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