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Wolf (1972, p. 173) summarizes patois as the modes of expression from all different regions which are subordinated in some way to the koiné language. For the purposes of this exploration of languages in the public space, we do not intend to contribute to the debate on the status of patois in France. It suffices to note that this glossonym refers often to highly localized varieties of the French language, often denigrated for purported imperfections, and invariably set up in opposition to the French language (Boyer, 2005, p.

The language question acquired centrality within the protest movements of the late 1960s which, amongst other aspects, criticized the elitist bias of the education system and its exclusionary practices. The ensuing debate involved teachers, educators, politicians, and families and led to the articulation of new, more inclusive language learning syllabi, first in middle schools (1979) and later in primary schools (1985). 3 These principles have in fact informed relevant European work on intercultural education.

As a result, federalist ideas of state administration were rejected in the name of unity (Mack Smith, 1997). However, the town/city and its surrounding area, and sometimes a pre-existing state, continued to represent a strong element of belonging and identity (Lyttleton, 1996). 1 The Risorgmento itself, that is the social, cultural and political movement that led to Italian unification, never ceases to be an 20 The Linguistic Landscape of the Mediterranean object of interest on the part of Italian and international scholars and observers alike (Patriarca and Riall, 2011).

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