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By Arve Elvebakk, Pål Prestrud

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The tall­ P. lindebergii from northeastern Siberia (Tzvelev 1984). grown introduced types found in and around The problems in this complex is further com­ arctiea s. lat. and P. pratensis s. settlements are seminiferous, whereas both semi­ P. niferous and pseudoviviparous types are common lat. Severai Sval­ among the indigenous types. The race described plicated by reported hybridisation between bard collections have been tentatively determined as var. to such hybrids in the herbaria, but our revision sidered as subsp.

By Sojåk (1986) who considered to be widely distributed in Greenland considered it to have its origin in the hybrid P. and the Canadian Arctic. He also mentioned P. nivea subsp. nivea x pu/chella (or rather P. ) Ostenf. from Svalbard, as strata Rottb. subsp. floeeosa Sojåk x pulehella in most probably a northern arctic variety (var. are­ the nomenelature of Sojåk 1989). ) of P. rubrieaulis. Thus P. rubrieaulis of origin is strongly doubted by us. An equally was recognised from Svalbard and ineluded in the R.

Auricomus complex is almost entirely apomictic with differentiation into an abundancy of local agamospecies. The reproductive systems in the The Ranunculus affinis-auricomus complex (notes 67-68) R. affinis complex are unknown. There are no modem studies of the complex, and as seen from the citations above, there is an abundance of synonyms in the literature. The name R. affinis is J. Lid (unpublished notes, Bot. , Univ. Oslo) used collectively for the complex in most arctic studied the material of the R.

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