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It is probably coincidence, but the PIC running, albeit incorrectly, is the only one in the batch with 10MHz speed capability, and which was formerly configured for a crystal clock of less than 4MHz, and was changed to RC clock. All the other PICs running the program use RC clock, but were never configured for any other clock type. Although not mentioned anywhere that I have seen, I always take anti-static precautions when handling a PIC. I am careful about plugging a PIC in the right way round, of course, but may have slipped up on the PIC which has died completely.

Their frequencydependant opposition to the flow of current is known as reactance to distinguish it from pure resistance. INDUCTOR TYPES CORES Inductors are given specific names related to the circuit action they perform. When used simply to impede the flow of alternating current they are known as chokes. Teamed with capacitors to produce tuned circuits (more about this later) they are often referred to as coils. When they are tapped or have multiple windings in order to change voltages or match impedances they are called transformers.

Five coils together with a 10pF to 330pF tuning capacitor cover 150kHz to 30MHz. Originally manufactured by Denco, we understand they are no longer in production. Everyday Practical Electronics, March 2001 INDUCTORS IN TUNED CIRCUITS Connecting an inductor in parallel or series with a capacitor forms a tuned circuit that will resonate at a specific frequency. The formulae relating inductance, capacitance and frequency are: f = 0·159 LLC L = 0·025 f2C C = 0·025 f2L where frequency, f, is in Hertz; inductance, L, is in henries; and capacitance, C, is in Farads.

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